“My intention as your physician is to provide respectful, conscientious and confidential care. I hope that  you will feel  confident , well-informed and comfortable with the care I provide to you  throughout the phases of your life.  I am pleased and proud that you have entrusted your care to me.”

Jeffrey B. Johnson, M.D.

We screen for and diagnose diseases of the female reproductive system and provide the medical and surgical management of these conditions throughout all the stages of a woman’s life. Some procedures can be done in the office.

Wellness is a priority. We recommend a regular Pap Smear with a comprehensive pelvic and breast exam. Additional screenings (age appropriate) may be recommended such as Mammogram, Bone Density Test, Blood levels for Thyroid Function, Screening for High Cholesterol, Diabetes and Anemia.

Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) diagnosis and treatment. Prevention counseling including the Gardasil Injection can be given to prevent HPV.

Healthy weight management and exercise counseling is available.

Sexual dysfunction prevention, counseling and treatment is offered for conditions such as loss of libido, painful intercourse or problems which may be interfering with intimacy in your sexual relationship.

PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) diagnosis, treatment and prevention is available

Menstrual Disorders (including prolonged and/or irregular bleeding, heavy bleeding, intramenstrual spotting, and /or absent menses) diagnosed and treated.

Menopause /Perimenopause Evaluation and Treatment :

We offer care for those symptoms you may be experiencing that impact the quality of life. These symptoms may include anxiety, depression, moodiness, hot flashes, fatigue, weight gain, loss of libido, sexual dysfunction. We can provide you with the information to make a decision as to the many treatment options available. Hormone replacement therapy  (HRT) may be  an option . Bio-identical hormone replacement can be discussed and prescribed.

Vaginitis diagnosis and treatment

Endometriosis (a common cause of infertility, pelvic pain or vaginal bleeding) is easily prevented with many treatment options available

Pelvic Floor/ Pelvic Reconstruction Surgeries:
These are all performed vaginally and include:

  • Urethrocele Repair
  • Repair of Uterine Prolapse
  • Cystocele Repair options with medical (pessary measurement and insertion) or surgical repair via minimally invasive procedure available.
  • Rectocele (difficulty evacuating  bowels) advice and treatment options offered including surgical repair.
  • Any  and all vaginal or external genitalia problems requiring surgery are performed.
  • Pelvic Floor/ Pelvic Reconstruction Surgeries are performed vaginally.


A hysterectomy may be performed for a variety of reasons. Vaginal Hysterectomy, Abdominal Hysterectomy, Laparoscopically Assisted Hysterectomy are all performed. The surgical approach is determined by the condition to be treated.

Jeffrey B. Johnson, M.D. ObGyn
Jeffrey B. Johnson, M.D. ObGyn
Board Certified by American College of Obstetrics/Gynecology


Sensitive and confidential care is provided. Counseling and treatment services may include when appropriate:

  • Sexual Developmental and Health Issues
  • Hygiene, Weight Management and Exercise Counseling
  • Menstrual Issues
  • Initial Gynecological exam, Pap smear when appropriate
  • Self Breast Exam Procedure explained
  • STD Prevention (Gardasil HPV vaccine to prevent cervical cancer)
  • Birth Control Counseling and Options


We strive for your healthy and safe return to normal activities and life. Minimally Invasive Procedures typically result in a faster recovery as well as a shorter length of hospital stay. Some may be done in an Outpatient or “23 Hour Stay” setting. These procedures include Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Myomectomy, Ovarian Surgery. Depending on the specific needs and safest procedure for your condition, a minimally invasive procedure may be a good choice for you.

Laparoscopic Surgery utilizes small incisions. Aided by a tiny lighted camera on a flexible tube the surgeon can visualize the inside of the body to diagnose and guide the instruments to perform the surgery required.

Colposcopy may be performed if your PapSmear shows any abnormal changes. It is a test that provides information about the abnormal cells and can be used to determine conditions like Polyps, Inflamed Cervix, Cervical Genital Warts. It is done vaginally with a “scope” and may include a biopsy.This is minimally uncomfortable.

LEEP (Loop Electrical Excision Procedure) If other tests like the Pap Smear, Colposcopy or a Biopsy show that you have abnormal cervical cells, a LEEP may be recommended to remove them. The LEEP uses a thin wire loop through which an electrical current is passed . It cuts away a thin layer of surface cervical tissue cells.  This is less uncomfortable than the Colposcopy biopsy mentioned above .These are then removed and sent for lab analysis. If a pre-cancerous change is noted the LEEP is 100% curative and does not interfere with future fertility. This is an outpatient procedure .  Full return to work is usual by the following day. Your doctor will discuss the lab results with you when they are available.

Hysteroscopy is a procedure using a “scope” to visualize the interior of the uterus. It may be used along with other fertility tests, or to diagnose abnormal bleeding, polyps or fibroids.